Deca Durabolin

Deca Durabolin

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  • Deca Durabolin will always be a top staple in the bodybuilding world because it has both bulking and cutting effects but also because it is an all-around steroid that can be stacked with almost anything.   Deca Durabolin has amazing anabolic properties and can stimulate protein synthesis very effectively. Another benefit is that it has a weak negative impacts on cholesterol levels, making it a great choice for users at risk for heart attack and stroke.


    Deca Durabolin use for Women


    Decca Durabolin’s low levels of androgenic activity makes it a good choice for some women to use in small doses as it is least likely to cause permanent masculinizing effects to the female body.


    Suggested Dosage 


    Men 300-600mg week (2mg/lb of Body weight)
    Women 50-100mg week