2mg Vial

Pharmaceutical Grade

Powder Form (requires mixture with bacteriostatic water for proper injection use)

  • Experimental and clinical studies of Epitalon showed the following pharmaclogical properties of Epithalamin (Epitalon): 

    • Telomerase activation (consequently, elongation of Telomeres)
    • regulates neuroendocrinous system
    • increases the hypothalamic sensitivity to the endogenous hormonal effects
    • decrease or suppression of proliferative changes in vaginal epithelium and endometrium in anovulatory phase
    • normalization of gonadotropic hormones levels (FSG, LG, prolactin)
    • positive influence on peripheral haemodynamics: improvement of blood rheology, decrease of intravessel thrombogenesis
    • regulation of the levels of reactants in the acute inflammation phase (c3-component of the complement, pre-albumin, C-reactive protein, alpha-orosomucoids
    • normalization of T-cell immunity
    • normalization of aqua-electrolyte balance indices
    • normalization of uric acid levels
    • normalization of Cholesterol
    • rejuvenation / strengthening of the immune system
    • inhibition of spontaneous and induced carcinogenesis (tumor prevention)


    Benefits of epitalon include

    Increase of human lifespan.

    Significant boosting of energy levels.

    Promotion of deeper sleep.

    Delay and prevention of age-related diseases such as cancer, heart disease and dementia.

    Improvement of skin health and appearance.

    Healing of injured and deteriorating muscle cells.


    Dosage: 5mg- 10mg/daily